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Episode 494: How to Sell $60K in Albums – James and Jess

Are you including an album in your wedding packages? The simple step of adding a basic album to your most popular package could actually generate thousands of dollars in additional income on each wedding!

In episode 494 of The Bokeh Podcast, James and Jess share with us the steps that they used to not only provide their clients with a physical wedding album, but sell albums to family members of the bride and groom as well!  Listen in to hear how using these simple steps generated $60k in additional income in one year!

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Show Notes

Brand Position (11:06)

Creating a great customer experience (19:32)

Technique for time management (27:15)

Outsourcing/Delegation (34:40)

Background experience with albums (44:25)

Steps for increasing profit from album sales (49:23)
1. Add an album credit into your most popular package
2. Give the best wedding experience possible to your clients!
1. Design an album with no more than 3 images per page from the beginning of the wedding day to the end of the day
2. Create a slide show set to music with those chosen images
3. Send the link to the full gallery of images
4. Send an email with a discounted offer to upgrade the album
5. Finalize the album design with the client
6. Invoice the client for the album
7. Dropship the album to the client
8.  Repeat and scale – sell to family members!

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