Episode 458: How to Create Refuge for Your Clients – Anna & Ryan Leonard

Are you providing an experience that offers your clients a sense of refuge? To Anna & Ryan Leonard of Refuge Photography, providing refuge creates an opportunity to serve your clients beyond just capturing their photos.

In episode 458 of the Bokeh Podcast, Anna & Ryan join us to discuss what it means to build this experience for your clients, along with 5 ways to proactively create refuge in your business. Listen in as they share how they’ve incorporated this concept of refuge into every aspect of their business.

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Show Notes

Brand Position: To be a refuge fore every person they serve. (1:30)

Client Experience: Turnaround Time (5:00)

Technique for Time: Systems & Automations (9:26)

Enneagrams & Communicating w/ Team Members (13:19)

Book Recommendations: (29:19)
The Go-Giver
Above the Line by Urban Meyer

What is Refuge? (43:03)

Creating Refuge for Non-Believers (36:28)

Bulletproof Coffee (38:33)

The Camera is a Tool to Love and Serve (40:58)
“Our camera is a tool to love and serve our people, where many photographers use their people to love and serve their camera to create the photos they want.”

What does serve or service mean? (49:47)

5 Ways to Proactively Create Refuge (56:48)
Be a Yes, Man
Follow the Golden Rule
Gift to Your Clients
Educate Your Couples & Manage Expectations
Be an Encourager

Gift Giving (1:02:37)

Refuge Retreat (1:04:01)

Facebook Refuge Photography
Tim Ferris Podcast
Love & Respect Book
Bulletproof Coffee Recipe
Start With Why by Simon Sinek
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