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Episode 451: How to Become the Next Version of You – Shaun Austin

Are you ready to make 2021 a year of growth by becoming the next version of you?

In episode 451 of the Bokeh Podcast, Shaun Austin joins us for his sixth interview on the show to discuss the how he finds motivation to consistently try being a better version of himself. Listen in as he shares 3 principles to implement for growth, along with the impact that your relationships have on this process.

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Show Notes

Toughest Lesson During COVID-19 (3:11)

Learning He Doesn’t Have Control (6:32)

Celebrating Relationships & Life Story Online (18:01)

Continued Motivation to Be Better (22:52)

Consistent Improvement vs. Showcasing Improvement (28:24)

Why Shaun Started Staying Consistent (38:22)

3 Principles to Enable Change (42:46)

Vision (43:05)
– Quarterly Vision Goal – Look to see where you want to go.
– Discover through curiosity & uncover with the team.
– Write it down and find what can move you towards or away from the goal.

Planning (47:42)
– Task
– Timeframe
– End Goal

Consistency (51:45)
– Road block: consistent things not working.
– Set expectations for consistency.

Role of Relationships in Becoming the Next Version of You (1:00:16)

The Stack by Shaun Gordon
Armchair Expert – Dax Sheppard

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