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Episode 452: How to Run a Monthly Photo Subscription – Caroline Axvig

The lack of consistency in income holds many photographers back from going full-time in their business. Caroline Axvig has found the solution—monthly photo subscriptions.

In episode 452 of the Bokeh Podcast, Caroline joins us to share how her monthly photo subscriptions for bloggers and influencers allows her to expect consistent income on a monthly basis! Listen in as she highlights how she’s structured these subscriptions and why they’re successful in her business!

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Show Notes

Brand Position: I create on-brand lifestyle imagery and provide brand coaching for small businesses, bloggers, and influencers. I believe that my combination of creativity and community will help you grow your audience and reach your goals. (01:57)

Customer Experience: Get to know each individual customer as a person. (11:09)

Technique for Time:  Blocking Sundays off from work. (15:45)

Delegation: Recent experience with a workflow/office assistant. (21:02)

Book Recommendations (25:58)
Brene Brown
Deep Work by Cal Newport
Profit First by Mike Michalowicz

Monthly Photo Subscription (29:21)
3,6,12 month subscriptions.

Review the Subscriptions Here >>

Why Subscriptions (34:07)
1. Consistent income
2. Clients feel like co-workers rather than customers.
3. Spending time with like-minded entrepreneurs.
4. New creative challenges every week.

Drawbacks to Subscription Model (38:44)
1. It is a lot of work to turn around quickly.
2. It’s hard to raise/change prices with recurring clients.

Caroline’s Workflow for Quick Turnarounds (43:07)