Episode 453: Contracts: Protect Yourself During Uncertain Times – Samantha Clarke

Did your experience during COVID cause you to take a second look at your contracts? Whether you were faced with rescheduled weddings or completely cancelled weddings, we know the impact COVID has had on our industry.

In episode 453 of the Bokeh Podcast, Samantha Clarke, photographer and lawyer, joins us to share four elements that you’re likely missing from your contract and need to add to better protect your business.

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Show Notes

Disclaimer: While Samantha is a lawyer, she’s not our lawyer or your lawyer. Please see your local lawyer for legal advice.

Brand Position: Modern photography for stylish people. (2:30)

Customer Experience: Understand what’s important to your clients and share what the process of working with you is like. (8:56)

Time Management: (15:23)
– Prioritize top 3 things on her to-do list.
– OOO Notifications

Delegation/Outsourcing: (21:46)
– Editing
– Album Design
– Taxes

Decide what your non-negotiable are.

Book Recommendations: Building a Storybrand by Don Miller (31:28)


Samantha’s Background (36:07)

Elements Missing From Your Contracts (38:25)
1. Force Majeure Clause – An act of superior strength (acts of god, nature, pandemics, war, civil unrest, etc). (38:25)
2. The Safe Working Environment Clause – Observing limits and laws of local government for the current pandemic. (44:10)
3. Postponement or Cancellation Clause – To explain how clients can do either with you, including policy, timeframes, etc. (48:42)
4. Rescheduling Addendum – Notes the new dates for which they should be paying you. (52:04)

Resources (57:57)
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