Episode 450: Building a Brand on Your Passion – Maranda Joiner

Building a unique brand isn’t an easy task nowadays. We’re inundated with consistent messaging to follow the latest tips and hacks to building a better business—encouraging us to do exactly what everyone else is doing.

What if you took a look at your life and your past and built a brand based on your passion? In episode 450 of the Bokeh Podcast, Maranda Joiner joins us to discuss how she encourages her clients as a brand strategist to open up about their lives, build a brand based on their passions, and find a target market that they can serve. Listen in as she walks us through the process of exploring and building a brand based on your passion!

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Show Notes

Brand Position: Helping entrepreneurs figure out what to say on social media by helping connect their passion into purpose to make money. (1:57)

Customer Experience: Make people feel heard, seen, and understood. (7:07)

Technique for Time (13:57)

Book Recommendations: (21:03)
The E-Myth by Michael Gerber
The Secret of Teams by Mark Miller
Start With Why by Simon Sinek

Building a Business on Passion

Tying Your Purpose from Your Past (30:36)

Passion vs. Viable Business (37:31)

Turning Your Passion into a Viable Business (41:30)
1. Start doing the work in the beginning before deciding on making it a business; test the market.
2. Think about your target market and ideal client to know who you’re creating your business for.
3. Talk to your audience.

Finding Your Target Market (48:29)
1. Find similar businesses to yours’ and study their audience.
2. Look up books similar to what you do and read the reviews.
3. Talk to your existing audience.

Chik Fil A (55:38)