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Episode 449: Addressing Codependency as Photographers – Alisha Crossley

Do you seek your validation or security from the approval of others, including external praise for accomplishments?

As photographers, we often unknowingly look for that praise from clients we serve, which can be toxic for our mental wellbeing. In episode 449 of the Bokeh Podcast, Alisha Crossley joins us to discuss codependency, learned behaviors, and setting boundaries!

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Show Notes

Brand Position: (6:28)
“Fine art wedding photographers capturing love stories while writing our very own.”
The picture should be just as beautiful as the experience.

Technique for Time: Change your mindset around time. (15:57)

Delegation (19:37)

Book Recommendations: (29:11)
This is Marketing by Seth Godin
The Paradox of Choice


Codependency (32:24)

Codependency in Relation to Our Clients (42:00)

Acknowledging Codependency & Learned Behaviors (45:28)

Three Ways You Can Serve Your Clients While Maintaining Boundaries (45:28)
1. Be honest with yourself and acknowledge behavior.
2. Communication with your clients on clarity.
3. Ask yourself: Is this what I want for my business?

Ways to Maintain Boundaries (58:48)
1. Look inwards at your own intentions in relationships.
2. Establish your time management boundaries.
3. Set boundaries with your employees.

Using Goals for Clarity (1:09:30)