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Episode 457: How to Create a Stream of Revenue with YouTube – John Branch IV

We’ve all spent hours watching Youtube videos at one time or another, but have you ever considered the potential it has to be an additional income stream in your business?

In episode 457 of the Bokeh Podcast, John Branch IV joins us to discuss how he’s created an additional stream of revenue with Youtube! Listen in as he shares how to create valuable content that not only serves his audience, but supports his business and family financially.

Plus he’s sharing his favorite video equipment to use when filming for Youtube!

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Show Notes

Brand Position: Creating a personable experience for their clients. (1:50)

Customer Experience: Spirit of excellence. (4:03)

Technique for Time: Take one day a week to not work, then carve out intentional days to spend time together. (6:09)

Book Recommendations: (8:37)
The Meaning of Marriage
How to Win Friends and Influence People

Delegation/Outsourcing (17:53)

Becoming an Ambassador (23:27)

The Gear Bag for Youtube (33:52)
Fujifilm 23mm lens
Fujifilm 35 f2 lens
Fujifilm Xt4 Body with Fliparound

A-Roll Lighting Set Up (38:35)
Natural Light + Artificial Light with Genere LED Lights as Bounce Lights
Godox SL 60W with Magbox pointed directly on subject.

Audio (40:24)
Rhode Microphones (ask for model number)
Rhode Video Mic Pro

Genuineness: Being open to helping other like you would yourself. (42:54)

Creating Valuable Youtube Content (51:05)
1. Teach from a real world perspective.
2. Find a niche that isn’t talked about as much.

Natural Feels – jbivphotography.com/preset-store
Focos app

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