Episode 456: How to Create Valuable Lead Magnets – Nina Larsen Reed

Are you offering resources that provide value to your potential clients? There are so many benefits to creating resources as lead magnets in your business.

In episode 456 of the Bokeh Podcast, Nina Larsen Reed shares how you can not only create valuable leads magnets, but also use those resources in your SEO and marketing strategy.

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Show Notes

Norway to Colorado (9:44)

Brand Position: Plan and photograph ethic elopements and micro weddings across Colorado for couples who are looking to do something different for their wedding day. (11:30)

Customer Experience: Clear Communication (15:23)

“People only get upset if they feel confused or lied to.”

Technique for Time: Limit the workweek like in Norway. (20:40)

Delegation/Outsourcing: Editing, Accounting, and CRM (25:04)

Book Recommendation: Building a Storybrand (27:13)


Resources without Lead Forms (29:53)

Valuable Leads (39:24)

Resources as an SEO Strategy (40:34)

Booking Dream Clients (45:29)

How to Create Valuable Resources (49:19)
1. Set a goal for what you’re hoping to get out of the task.
2. Put yourself in your client’s shoes—what are they searching for?
3. Write as if you’re talking to real people rather than a search engine.

“Give away the why, but sell the how.”

Ben Hartley: https://sixfigurephotography.com/