Episode 459: The Importance of a Licensing Mindset – Adam Taylor

Are you missing out on potential revenue by giving away your images to clients instead of licensing them?

In episode 459 of the Bokeh Podcast, Adam Taylor joins us to share how a licensing mindset can increase your business’ profitability and client base. Listen in as he shares the avenues and workflows for licensing your images, as well as how to approach potential clients with the option to license them.

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Show Notes

Get to Know Adam (1:17)

The Seven Layers of Why (3:02)

Brand Position: I help interior designers, architects, builders, and home product companies build their brand and tell their story through high-end photography. (9:35)

Technique for Time: Notes App Called Get To Do (18:57)

Outsourcing/Delegating: Lead Generation & Virtual Assistance on Upwork.com (23:31)

Book Recommendations: Secrets of the Millionaire Mind (27:20)


Licensing Mindset: A way of looking at and thinking of your photography work that allows you to keep thinking, who would this image be valuable to? (30:32)

Avenues for Licensing (43:17)
1. Become a contributor on a stock photography site.
2. Directly involved parties.
3. Third parties who are not directly involved.

Adam’s Current Workflow (50:40)
1. Sends client a rate sheet (pricing, process, and licensing usage).
2. Sends client deposit invoice (job description and overview of agreement).
3. Once booked, they get another copy of their agreement as a reminder.

Approaching Companies to Sell Licenses (55:32)

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