Episode 495: 4 Steps to a Successful Pivot – Chelsea Hollis

Sometimes your “why” and your business aren’t aligned. When that happens, it might be time to pivot!

Chelsea Hollis found herself needing to pivot more than once since beginning her professional career. In episode 495 of The Bokeh Podcast, she shares how she successfully transitioned to not only a new industry, but also new market segments within the photography industry. Listen in to hear her 4 key steps for making a successful pivot.

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Show Notes

Brand Position (5:57)

Creating a great customer experience (16:47)
1. Constant and clear communication while serving them well
2. Show your face and heart in marketing

Technique for time management (24:12)

Outsourcing/Delegation (31:31)

Book/Podcast Recommendation (37:20)
The Husband-Coached Childbirth – Dr. Robert Bradley
Right Up Your Allee Podcast

Chelsea’s business evolution (40:34)

What is a Doula? (43:33)

4 Steps to a Successful Pivot (50:14)
1. Determine your “why” and share that with your clients
2. Consider the lifetime value of your current and potential clients
3. Be present on Social Media – 4 categories for content:
– personal
– education
– entertainment or encouragement
– selling
4. Offer a weekly/recurring resource to reach a broader audience