Episode 479: A Simple Approach to Healthy Living for Photographers – Todd M. Caldwell

Do you overcomplicate things when it comes to living a healthy lifestyle? Or maybe you’re worried that you won’t have the time or resources for truly dialing in your health and fitness?

Never fear, Todd is here! In episode 479 of The Bokeh Podcast, former personal trainer turned photographer, Todd M. Caldwell, shares 5 steps for making changes that are simple, smart, and sustainable when it comes to living a healthier lifestyle. Listen in to get a jump start on your new health journey!

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Show Notes

Brand Position: (1:42)
Creating a consistent experience for clients, where they feel like the director!

Time Management: Outsourcing Editing (7:08)

Book Recommendation: (16:05)
The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People  – Stephen Covey

Thinking from a Big Picture View: (18:08)
Episode 309: Building a Business on Your Strengths
Episode 342: The 4 Pillars of Branding

Todd’s Background as a Personal Trainer (23:12)

How Photographers are Hurting Their Health: (28:05)
1. Not understanding the power of water
2. Focusing on duration rather than intensity of a workout
3. Choosing bad food over quality food
4. Making the process too fancy – not keeping it simple
5. Not having a team

The significance of the types of food we eat (44:03)

How motivation drives long-term benefits (1:03:30)

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