Episode 342: The 4 Pillars of Branding – Bernel Westbrook

Are you struggling with where to start when it comes to building a brand for your business?

In episode 342 of the Bokeh Podcast, Bernel Westbrook of Branded by Bernel joins us to discuss the four pillars that make up a good brand. Listen in as she dives into the importance of each pillar and how they can help you establish a unique brand that represents you.

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Show Notes

Brand Position: (1:53)

Advice for Photographers: Start time blocking from the beginning. (4:31)

Technique for Time: Take a day off during the week. (8:03)
Closed on Thursdays.

Content Recommendations: Mistakes Make Magic Podcast – bit.ly/bp-mistakesmakemagic (10:26)

Branding vs. Brand: (14:58)
Branding is a feeling.
Brand is your position as your business (visual and voice).

4 Pillars of Branding: (15:59)

Your Visuals: Visuals should be cohesive. (16:41)
Ex: Logo Design, Website, Brochures, and Guides

Your Values: Importance of Core Values (23:11)

Your Vision: Your business and brand plan. (25:01)

Your Voice (26:32)