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Episode 343: Pricing Consultation – Hayley Sheppard

Do you have trouble when it comes to pricing yourself in order to run a successful business?

In episode 343 of the Bokeh Podcast, Hayley Sheppard joins Nathan for a live pricing consultation to discuss the concerns she has when it comes to pricing herself. Listen in as they discuss how financial goals, investing into your business, and upgrading your equipment play a role in your long-term accounting plan and pricing yourself.

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Show Notes

Hayley’s Style & Nostalgia (4:00)

Biggest Pricing Challenges/Concerns (10:31)
How to be Prepared for Tax Season
Deductions and Write Offs
Percentages to Save for Tax
Investing in Advertising
Justify Upgrading Equipment
When to Raise Pricing

Find a Great Accountant (16:24)

Get Started with Quickbooks Online (17:39)

How Much to Save for Taxes (21:22)

Hayley’s Current State of Pricing (28:18)

Tip: Don’t put too much emphasis on your experience, education, and equipment. (35:58)

Pricing Yourself: (35:58)
Are you meeting your personal financial goals?
Look at the market and competition.

Advertising and Styled Shoots (37:55)

Upgrading Equipment (50:26)