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Episode 344: How to Build an Attention-Grabbing, Client-Booking Website – Amanda Shuman

Does your website stand out for potential clients among all of the photography websites they’re browsing?

In episode 344 of the Bokeh Podcast, Amanda Shuman of Carry Love Designs shares the steps you need to take to review your website to make sure you’re driving visitors to convert into clients. Listen in as she shares a few changes you can make on your website to create a better experience for potential clients!

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Show Notes

Headshot by Madeline Harper Photography

Brand Position: Building websites that have a purpose and tells a story to resonate with potential clients. (5:08)

The Meaning Behind Carry Love (6:49)

Advice for Photographers: When you’re just starting out, try everything out. (9:27)

Technique for Time: Outsource the things that don’t require you to do it. (15:16)

Content Recommendation: Social Media Marketing with Michael Steltzner (19:42)
Neuroscience and Marketing Episode 385 (12/20)

Nathan’s Podcast Recommendation: Perpetual Traffic (19:42)

Website Issues that Photographers Are Making: They focus only on the photography and not enough copy. (23:36)

The 10 (or 5) Second Test: Within 10 (or 5) seconds on your site, your visitor should know what you do, who you serve, and what are the next steps. (24:51)

What You Do: Make sure you’re clearly communicating what you do and where you’re located (if you’re a location based business). (25:55)

Who You Serve: Make sure you’re highlighting your ideal clients. (27:43)

Next steps: (30:09)
In the top right hand corner of your website, add a primary CTA.
Use different phrases to take them to the same action throughout your homepage/site.

Using Your About Page as a Sales Tool (34:29)

Setting Your Website’s Main Goal (40:46)

Hansel & Gretle Method (43:53)

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