Episode 309: Building a Business on Your Strengths – Brittney Rossie

Have you assessed your talents to determine where your strengths lie in your business?

In episode 309 of the Bokeh Podcast, Brittney Rossie discusses how knowing your strengths can help you build and succeed in your business. Listen in as she shares how you can use your core strengths to develop a brand position without getting distracted by what everyone else is doing.

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Show Notes

Brand Position: Help personal brands figure out what makes them captivating to build a business around their lives with a strengths based personal brand. (2:01)

Advice for Photographers: Mission transcends fear. (5:35)

Brittney’s Mission: To impact people. (8:30)

Technique for Time: (9:59)
There is an ebb and flow with time as an entrepreneur.
Work in 90 day blocks with ideal week structures.

Book Recommendation: (18:01)
Strengths Finder 2.0 – bit.ly/bp-strengthsfinder2
The One Thing – bit.ly/bp-theonething

Simple Ways to Learn Your Strengths
1. Self-reflection
2. Work with someone else
3. Strengthsfinder personality assessment

Boxing Yourself in with Labels (23:45)

Brittney’s Perspective on Insecurity in Our Culture (28:16)

Developing a Brand Position Based On Your Strengths (37:01)

Avoiding Shiny Object Syndrome (42:13)