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Episode 310: The Art of Print Sales – Yaneck and Sasha Wasio

In an age where we’re bombarded with digital images, are you leaving a lasting impact on your clients by providing heirlooms through prints?

In episode 310 of the Bokeh Podcast, Yaneck and Sasha Wasio discuss their passion behind providing prints and albums that preserve their clients’ memories. Listen in as they share their workflow to selling physical products that their clients can cherish for a lifetime.

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Show Notes

The Gear Bag: Gummy Bears (8:02)

Book Recommendation: (8:30)
How to Write Copy that Sells – bit.ly/bp-copythatsells
Getting Things Done – The Art of Stress-Free Productivity –bit.ly/bp-gettingthingsdone
The Starbucks Experience – Five Principals of Turning Ordinary into Extraordinary – bit.ly/bp-starbucksexperience
Onward by Howard Schultz – bit.ly/bp-onward

Advice for Photographers: (18:10)
Understand your business financially
Care about your client experience vs what you want

Time Technique: Time blocking, automation, and outsourcing. (20:52)

Automation Software:
Acquity Scheduling – acuityscheduling.com
Followup CC – followup.cc
Template Emails in Gmail
Táve –tave.com

The Gear Bag (Part 2): Altoids and Loupe (25:37)

The Importance of Prints (27:08)

Influential People in their Business: (27:20)
Steve Saporito on Experience and Print Sales – stevesaporitoeducation.com
Maureen – Graphistudio.com

Wedding Print Sales Workflow: (35:32)
Set the expectation that prints will be delivered before they book with you.
They include a print credit so the client can decide what to use the print credit for.
After the engagement session, they have a reveal and offer prints.
During the wedding, get to know the families, as they may want to order as well.
After the wedding, they have another reveal for ordering prints.

In-House & Outsource Printing: (44:55)
Wasio Master Print and Graphi Studio

Episode 43: How to Move Into a New Market – bit.ly/bp-43