Episode 311: Breaking Into Entertainment Photography – Nathan Armstrong

Have you dreamt of photographing your favorite musicians at awards shows, concerts, and events?

In episode 311 of the Bokeh Podcast, Nathan Armstrong walks us through his journey to becoming an entertainment photographer, and what that role entails. Listen in as he shares the elements of good entertainment photography, providing real-time content, and how you can break into the industry.

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Show Notes

Brand Position: Speed, Trust, and Relentless Consistency for the Entertainment Industry. (4:12)

Time Technique: Block Scheduling and Adding a Block for Smaller Tasks (21:52)

Content Recommendation: (28:46)
Bobbycast – bit.ly/bp-bobbycast
Dave Ramsey – daveramsey.com/show
Passion City Church DC – bit.ly/bp-passionchurchdc

The Gear Bag: Jason Cases (33:03)

Entertainment Photography: Capturing the people and elements and events that define our culture. (36:15)

How Nathan Got Started in Entertainment Photography (41:52)

Breaking into Entertainment Photography: Find a local publication that needs a photographer for events; they can request press passes for that event from the venue or artist. (43:50)

Elements of Good Entertainment Photography: (47:59)
1. Understand the existing lighting in a venue and use equipment that can handle low light scenarios.
2. Access and trust (beyond the photo pit and soundboard).
3. Know the artist and their popular songs.

Building Relationships at the Shows: (55:44)
1. Connect with the tour managers.
2. Be kind to the security guards.

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