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Episode 312: Taking Your Next Risk – Jennifer Garcia

Is there a goal that you’re afraid to chase because it requires a bit of risk in your business?

In episode 312 of the Bokeh Podcast, Jennifer Garcia opens up about how risks can sometimes be rewarding when you face them with a plan. Listen in as Jennifer shares how she decided to take a risk by opening her own photography studio!

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Show Notes

Brand Position: Inspiring confidence in her sessions, while building a brand on experience and design. (2:43)

Advice for Photographers: Realize talent is not enough. (7:24)

Time Technique: Working out every morning. (11:52)

Book Recommendation: (17:55)
Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert
Book – bit.ly/bp-bigmagic
Audible – bit.ly/bp-bigmagicaudible
Relentless by Tim Grover – bit.ly/bp-relentless

The Gear Bag: iPhone for Instagram Stories (22:54)

Risk: Making a move that leaves you with the potential to fail. (35:55)

Jennifer’s Big Risk: Opening a natural light photography studio in an area where no one had opened one. (40:39)

Why Jennifer Took the Risk: (43:00)
She wanted a challenge.
She craved change.

Jennifer’s Hesitations: (45:25)
Not finding the right space, but once she found a space that she could see working, she just knew this was the space. Finances and time also were a factor in deciding what spaces were worth the risk.

Being a Calculated Risk-Taker (48:35)

Two Factors To Move Beyond Risk & Take Action (54:10)
1. Don’t force things to happen.
2. Always move forward and take steps in the direction you want to go.