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Episode 544: Brand Position Consultations: Where Are They Now? – Whitney Smith

Have you ever wondered what happened with our former Brand Position Consultation guests following their episodes? Did they make changes to their brand position statement, website, or marketing efforts that resulted in growth for their business?

You’re in luck! Our new series, “Where Are They Now?” welcomes back some of our former Brand Position Consultation guests so that we can check in to hear all of the details! In episode 544 of The Bokeh Podcast, Whitney Smith is back to share how the changes she made helped to triple the revenue for her part-time photography business! 

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Show Notes

What is a brand position consultation episode? (3:00)

Description of Whitney’s business at the time of the brand position consultation on the Bokeh Podcast (4:03)

New Brand Position Statement created following the Brand Position episode: (6:35)
The most fun you’ll have in front of a camera! Lit photography for Midland teens and seniors!

What were your 2-3 biggest takeaways from the brand position consultation? (8:54)
1. Make sure to focus on who you’re talking to in your brand position – speak directly to your client
2. Carry that message throughout all marketing strategies for consistency

How does Whitney bring the “fun” to her sessions in order to follow through on the messaging? (14:32)

How did the changes with your brand position create growth in your business? (16:54)

In one sentence, how would you sum up the significance of a strong brand position to those photography business owners listening in? (19:16)
“If you’re not using the right language and speaking to specific people, they won’t find you! It is so, so important to speak their language so that you stand out!”

Whitney’s Brand Position Consultation Episode: