Episode 545: Workflow Consultation – Ethan Righter

Are you overwhelmed with all the moving pieces of your photography business? Do you feel like you’re ALWAYS in front of the computer to finish one more thing – and missing out on the freedom that you thought was part of owning your own business?

Make sure to listen in to episode 545 for principles, tips, and tricks to help you dial in your workflow and get more time back in your life! Ethan Righter and host, Nathan Holritz dive into conversation to understand the root of the overwhelm in Ethan’s workflow, and explore steps to improve efficiency, productivity, and profit!

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Show Notes

Details of Ethan’s Photography business (5:05)

What does Ethan’s typical workday look like? (7:38)

Primary goal of Ethan’s desire to streamline workflow (10:15)
To have more time for growing his business – shoot more and edit less!

The most time-consuming elements of Ethan’s business (13:08)
1. email
2. editing

Tips for streamlining email and client communication workflow (19:30)

Time-saving tips for editing (48:30)

Calendar and email resources:
CRM Recommendations: