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Episode 87: Create A Better Client Experience With Your Website – Phillip & Eileen Blume

Does your website describe you as more than just a photographer?

In episode 87 of the Bokeh Podcast, Phillip & Eileen Blume share how they turned their website into a personalized client experience that allows potential clients to connect with them. Listen in as they share how a trip to Guatemala gave them the confidence to adapt their business model to base solely on connection with clients and how that idea impacted the complete redesign of their website.

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Show Notes

Japanese References:
Tatami Mat
Fusuma – Doors that cover closets.
Shōji – Doors that separate rooms.

Aha Moment: When Phillip & Eileen weren’t sure that their business would last, they decided to take the funds they had left and help an organization in Guatemala. They were asked to create a video (with no experience) and ended up creating a feature length documentary. This allowed them to travel around the country showing the film, and gave them the confidence they needed to realize it was about connecting with people. They then applied this model to their business.

Tips For Starting Your Business:
1. Track your numbers and review them!
2. Find a Studio Management System

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Three Steps to a More Personal Website:
1. Find a platform that works for you.
2. Create an interactive and personal experience on your site.
3. Personalize your about page so you can connect on a deeper level with clients.
4. Develop easy navigation.
5. Incorporate Video.

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Seth Goden
Website: theblumes.co
Instagram: @eileen_blume
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