Episode 86: The 24 Hour Workweek – Abbey Kyhl

Does the time investment of being an entrepreneur leave you missing out on making memories with your friends and family?

In episode 86, Abbey Kyhl of Seven Summers Creative shares about the moment she realized that in order to have a healthier work-life balance, a shift needed to be made in her business. This shift led her to a 24 hour work week. Listen in as she describes her journey to self-care and three tips for saving time that she has applied to her business.

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Show Notes

Abbey’s Aha Moment: Early in Abbey’s business, work was taking up too much of her time that should have been spent with her family. When Abbey realized that her son was aware of it, she knew she had to make a change.

Tool for Time: Schedule your time off before you schedule your clients.

The Gear Bag: 50mm 1.2

The Shift: Make a shift in your business with the top creative industry leaders teaching you how to hustle.
The 24 Hour Work Week: In this course, you’ll learn a step by step process of how to maintain your business and balance your personal life, while only working 24 hours a week.

3 Time Saving Tips:
1. Analyze the processes in your business based on the time it is taking up.
2. Experiment and determine when is the best time to work for you.
3. Review the work you’re doing and determine what, if anything, can be automated, delegated, or eliminated.

Photographers Mentioned in this Episode:
Eric O’Conner – Allori Photography

Website: abbeykyhl.com
Facebook Group: 7S Creatives
The Shift Online Conference – This conference has passed.
The 24 Hour Work Week Course – This course has completed.
The 4-Hour Work Week – Tim Ferriss