Episode 85: Freedom: Systems for a Better Life – Tim Hussey

Does being a photography business owner seem chaotic and unorganized at times?

In episode 85, Tim Hussey, owner and lead developer of Pixifi, shares how a lack of organization in his photography business led to the development of a business management software. Listen as he describes the importance of having systems in place that will allow you to enjoy the freedom of entrepreneurship.

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Show Notes

Tim’s 1st Aha Moment: After his wedding, Tim realized how much he enjoyed the interaction with the photographer and loved the idea of being a photographer. So he went out on a whim, convinced his wife to get a camera, and took off from there.

Tim’s 2nd Aha Moment: After getting his start in photography, and realizing how unorganized he was, Tim thought, “I’m a software developer, why don’t I develop something to keep me organized.” Then Pixifi was born.

Tim’s 3rd Aha Moment: While building Pixifi and still working at the software company, he was overworking himself. Someone told him to take care of himself or he will burnout, so he did just that. Now he is a huge promoter of self-care.

What Sets Pixifi Apart:
Pixifi was built with the idea that every business is complex and needs options. While many other companies opt for a more simplistic approach to their system, Pixifi pushes the envelop with the ability to do more.

What to expect for 2018:
1. The ability to schedule texts to your clients as reminders.
2. A Production module that allows multiple clients, vendors, locations, etc. to be managed in one place, which is great for multi-day weddings or mini-sessions on the same day. This will allow you to do batch work on these items, such as emails and workflows.

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