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Episode 44: SEO: The Mistakes You’re Making With Your Website – Ben Turner

Update: As of 1/17/19, Turner Web Services is no longer in business. We still encourage you to listen to this episode as the content is valuable and still applicable for your business!

If we want to build and sustain our photography businesses, we must have a significant presence online. Part of establishing that presence is making sure that we can be found easily, and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is one of the most vital elements of that process. And yet, not enough photographers are spending time on SEO for their websites, and even if they are, the resources dedicated toward that effort have been misplaced in many cases.

Enter Ben Turner, owner of Turner Web Services, and the solution to your SEO woes! Ben joins today’s podcast episode to share the biggest mistakes photographers are making when it comes to their website and SEO, and how to address those mistakes. Listen in carefully – Ben has some valuable information to share that could make a big difference in your online presence right away!

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