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Episode 402: A Journey to Sony Artisanship – Kesha Lambert

Have you dreamed of being a brand ambassador for a big name photography company? Our friend, Kesha Lambert, was just honored with the title of Sony Artisan and we’re so proud of her!

In episode 402 of the Bokeh Podcast, Kesha joins us to discuss what her journey to becoming a Sony Artisan looked like and the important principles she focused on while pursuing this opportunity. Listen in as she describes significance of this opportunity not only for her career, but also in regards to the important conversations currently happening in the photography industry about racial equity.

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Show Notes

Sony Artisan (1:22)

Book Recommendation: Principles by Ray Dalios

“Be so great, they can’t ignore you.” – Cal Newport (7:46)

Significance of Becoming a Sony Artisan (9:08)

Gaining Perspective (12:26)
1. Open our minds
2. Set ego aside
3. Strive for broader perspectives

Two Principles for Representing a Brand (14:59)
These roles are earned through your work, educator role, and story.
1. Focus on your craft.
2. Relationships are everything.

Sony Gear (22:53)

Episode 272 with Kesha Lambert, Associate Photographers: How to Move Beyond Yourself
Sony Article
Sony Gear