Episode 403: Finding Balance as a Mom & Photographer – Rebecca Nash Emerson

Entrepreneurship is hard, but add parenting into the mix, and it sometimes feels impossible to find a balance.

In episode 403 of the Bokeh Podcast, Rebecca Nash joins us to discuss the steps she took to finding balance as a mom and photographer. Listen in as she shares the tools she uses for scheduling and ways to communicate and collaborate with your family on creating balance.

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Show Notes

Brand Position: Support and celebrate your love, your business, and your life through photography, conversation, and mentorship. (2:01)

Customer Experience: Care (5:02)

Technique for Time: Balance doesn’t mean everything gets equal time, it means it gets the time it needs. Use time-blocking. (6:40)

Delegation/Outsourcing (7:51)

Inspiration: Movies, art galleries, music, (14:08)

Book Recommendations: Everything is Figureoutable by Marie Forleo (17:10)

About Rebecca’s Family (19:43)

Tools: (21:44)
Asana Task Manager – app.asana.com
Elegant Excellence Journal – elegantexcellencejournal.com
Google + Paper Calendar – calendar.google.com
Eisenhower Matrix

About the Eisenhower Matrix (23:15)

Approach to Time Blocking (27:00)

Collaboration with Family Fun (35:13)

Finding Balance as a Parent and Photographer (35:13)