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Episode 517: IPS for Boudoir Photography – Sarah Andrew

Is your IPS process complicated, stressful, or even non-existent? Having a simple, dare we say enjoyable, IPS process can be accomplished!

Sarah Andrew of Sarah Michal Boudoir has created an IPS process that drives higher sales for her business and provides her clients with an enjoyable, oftentimes emotional experience.  Listen in to episode 517 of The Bokeh Podcast to hear the detailed steps she takes to drive sales in a simplistic, low-stress way!

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Show Notes

Sarah’s explanation of what IPS is for photographers (7:10)

How Sarah shifted her IPS Process (11:15)

Sarah’s process for client sessions and IPS (17:20 )
1. Inquiry phase
2. Phone Consult to set expectations and explain the process – booking session happens on the call!
3. Share brochure/email with package options and pricing
4. Session Day!
5. Hold the image reveal -same day or schedule in the future
6. Delivery Process

Image Reveal/IPS (37:40)
1. Provide clients with sample products (if in person) – tangible products drive more sales!
2. Lead clients in the direction of the sale you want to make
3. Keep the product options simple!

How Sarah manages a same-day image reveal! (40:00)

Sarah’s delivery process (47:27)

Sarah’s First Episode: Bokeh Podcast Episode 512