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Episode 512: The All-Inclusive Boudoir Experience – Sarah Andrew

Do your clients tend to stick to the “basic” package you offer, limiting your revenue?  Have you considered increasing what you include in your packages, and nixing the idea of add-ons?

Check out episode 512 of The Bokeh Podcast, as Sarah Andrew of Sarah Michal Boudoir shares how she provides her clients with an all-inclusive package, which has raised her revenue significantly! Gone are the days of upselling and managing options – everything is included for one session fee, and pre-sales of prints and albums make the process even more streamlined!

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Show Notes

Brand Position (3:00)

Creating a great customer experience (4:10)

Technique for time management (10:00)

Outsourcing/Delegation (15:35)

Podcast Recommendations (20:28)
Manifestation Babe Podcast
Michael Sasser Education
IPS Mastermind – Revive Course
Alex Loveland Education

What was the motivation for Sarah to create an all-inclusive experience for clients? (25:27)

Steps leading up to the shoot:
1. Phone consult with the potential client
2. Follow-up email, welcome brochure, and a questionnaire about the client
3. Pre-shoot consultation (including pre-ordering and paying the session fee)

Day of the shoot:
1. Getting to know each other during hair and make-up (which is provided)
2. Client closet selections
3. During the shoot – demonstrate poses and show the client the images on the back of the camera

Steps Sarah takes following a shoot
1. Walk the client through product offerings
2. Schedule a time for the image reveal
3. Hold the image reveal/ordering session

What Sarah’s VIP Facebook group entails (46:55)