Episode 518: Differentiation Through Client Experience – Stefanie Cole

Imagine. . .you walk into a restaurant and your favorite foods are already on the table, a server that knows your preferences is waiting for you, and your favorite music is playing in the background. Before you’ve taken a bite, you’re in awe of the experience and raving about the restaurant already. What if your clients felt that same way when walking into a session with you?

In episode 518 of The Bokeh Podcast, Stefanie Cole shares how she differentiates herself as a photographer by providing a client experience that is unique and first-class. Listen in to hear how she built her brand to attract her ideal client, including tips for how to start a client closet that is unlike anything you’ve seen!

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Show Notes

Brand Position (2:40)

Technique for time management (8:30)

Outsourcing/Delegation (13:50)

Book Recommendation (19:30)
Building a StoryBrand by Donald Miller

What was the AHA moment for Stefanie that caused the transition to focusing on client experience (25:38)

What elements of Stefanie’s business were “leveled up” to provide a better client experience? (33:20)
1. The Client Closet and Client Styling
2. Planning and communication
3. Marketing the experience that will be provided
4. Managing kids during a phase

How does Stefanie draw in her ideal client? (45:00)
1. Controlling the perception of her business’s brand
2. Underpromising and overdelivering
3. Consistency
4. Scarcity

What are 3 elements of a strong client closet? (49:23)
1. Build your brand’s style first in order to draw in your ideal client
2. Charge enough to build and maintain the closet
3. Buy durable, versatile clothing

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