Episode 519: How to Maximize Profit with Better Workflow – Olie Moss

You have the creative aspects of your business down, and you enjoy them immensely. But what about the systems and processes that actually drive your business to be profitable? How structured are you in implementing those to maximize profit?

In episode 519 of The Bokeh Podcast, Olie Moss of Equine Photo School shares how he grew his business to a 6-figure business, several times over! Listen in as he shares the key areas where processes and workflows are crucial, and the tools and tricks that he uses to implement those workflows in order to drive sales, and ultimately maximum profit, for his business.

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Show Notes

Brand Position (2:55)

Creating a great customer experience (5:04)

Technique for time management (8:08)

Outsourcing/Delegation (10:22)

Book Recommendation (12:55)
The One Thing by Gary Keller
Tools of Titans by Tim Ferris
Rise of the Youpreneur by Chris Ducker

Important principles for leading a team (20:41)

The development and growth of Olie’s business (26:17)

Why photographers tend to focus on art over systems (30:18)

What are the most important systems that photographers should implement in their businesses? (41:40)
1. Customer acquisition and retention
2. In-person experience
3. Sales process

How Olie provides the best in-person experience possible for his clients (51:00)

Olie’s photographic process (53:55)

The sales process (58:13)