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Episode 548: How to Write Blogs that Google Will Love – Claire Lauer

Is there actually a strategy behind writing blog posts? Isn’t it good enough if I just share information from my recent sessions with some cool keywords and photos?

Claire Lauer of CL Content Marketing is here to dispel myths and provide strategies for writing blogs that will actually help with SEO! Listen in to episode 548 to hear how to set goals for your blogs, strategically use keywords, and appropriately use tagging to not only help Google find your site, but your ideal clients too!

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Show Notes

Brand position (3:05)

Creating a great customer experience (7:45)

Technique for time management (10:00)

Outsourcing/Delegation (15:21)

Book recommendation (17:58)

The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson


What is the significance of blogging in the photography industry? (23:49)

How photographers should approach writing blog content (26:31)
“Create blog content that answers the most frequently asked questions that your customers are searching for.”

What is the significance of goals as they relate to your SEO strategy? (29:00)

What is the significance of keywords and the placement of keywords in your content (32:12)

What is meant by tagging your blog content? (36:49)

What are top keywords or tags to use when tagging (41:40)