Episode 549: How to Minimize Risk to Your Business – Ashley Strickland

How important is it to have an insurance policy for your business? As long as you take care of your equipment, you’re ok without it, right?

Wrong!! Ashley Strickland is here to dispel the misconceptions and share the reasons why it is crucial for all photographers to have an insurance policy to protect not only their equipment, but also themselves as business owners! Listen in to episode 549 of The Bokeh Podcast to hear both how you can proactively protect yourself and your business as well as the key ideas to keep in mind when shopping for the right insurance policy.

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Show Notes

Brand position (4:00)

Creating a great customer experience (6:27)

Technique for time management (12:17)

Outsourcing/Delegation (15:28)

Book recommendation (18:39)
Rise of the Youprenuer by Chris Ducker

Favorite piece of gear (20:45)
Nikon 85 1.4 lens

Ashley’s background in insurance and risk management (23:37)

The biggest misconception that photographers have about business insurance (25:30)

Key ideas to keep in mind when shopping for insurance for your business (29:10)
1. Be clear about how much risk you want to take
2. Calculate the value of the equipment you own
3. Work with an agent who can shop multiple companies for you vs. going straight to one company

How can photographers mitigate risk (40:00)
1. Pay attention to your surroundings
2. Break up your valuables so that they aren’t all in one bag or location
3. Only take clean SD cards with you to new shoots
4. Ensure you have the correct policies to cover all aspects of your business