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Episode 515: How to Use Keywords to Maximize SEO – Kyle Goldie

Keywords: the words potential clients use when searching for a photographer! Are you including keywords on your website that will actually drive traffic to your business?

Kyle Goldie is here to explain how to strategize in order to find and use the best keywords for your website!  Listen in to episode 515 as he shares the types of keywords to use, as well as tools for monitoring not only your own site, but also your competitor’s in order to stay at the top of the list.

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Show Notes

Brand Position (2:39)

Creating a great customer experience (10:48)

Technique for time management (15:40)

What are keywords and how do they relate to SEO? (29:00)

How do photographers strategize with keywords? (38:13)
Types of keywords:
1. Transactional (area + job title)
2. Brand awareness
3. Value

Tools for using the “Right” keywords (45:53)
Keywords Everywhere Chrome extension
Keyword Surfer Chrome Extension
Keyword Chef

Steps to take for optimizing your website (52:31)
1. Do your SEO keyword research
2. Optimize your on-page SEO (titles, meta descriptions, etc.)
3. Check your website structure to ensure you’re converting
4. Use an outside resource to check pricing structure