Episode 514: How to Maximize the Value of Styled Shoots – Leandra Caprini-Rosica

Styled shoots are only beneficial for creating content for submissions to publications.  WRONG! Styled shoots can be maximized to grow relationships and ultimately your business!

Take the lead from Leandra Caprini-Rosica in episode 514 of the Bokeh Podcast, and begin creating styled shoots with the goal of building relationships! Listen in as she shares several opportunities that photographers can capitalize on through these shoots in order to build those relationships that matter!

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Show Notes

Brand Position (3:52)

Creating a great customer experience (8:11)

Technique for time management (15:30)

Outsourcing/Delegation (19:22)

Podcast Recommendations (25:48)
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Leandra’s first experience of a styled shoot (33:03)

Opportunities photographers can capitalize on to build relationships in styled shoots (38:08)
1. Acknowledging that styled shoots are a collaboration – not just yours
2. Don’t just ask – give before you need
3. Use real couples
4. Provide a timeline for the shoot
5. Lead with gratitude and love