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Episode 593: How to Grow Your Business Despite Adversity – Katrina Cross-Daniels

It’s inevitable that we’ll face challenges in the middle of launching or building our photography business. The question is: how do we keep going despite adversity? Join us for this powerful conversation with Katrina Cross-Daniels to not only learn how to keep your business running in the middle of troubles, but even level up in the process!

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Show Notes:

Katrina’s Introduction (1:05)

What adversities have Katrina dealt with in her life/business (6:25)

How did Katrina build her support group that helped her through adversity? (12:45)

What is the balance between vulnerably sharing and “trauma dumping”? (19:44)

What is the significance of automation when dealing with adversity in business? (21:02)

What does it mean to say “yes” to yourself? (26:51)

Does taking small steps in moving forward help with accomplishing goals? (30:42)

How did Katrina step back and focus on things that made her smile? (33:50)

How did Katrina take what she learned in her personal adversity and translate that to her photography business? (37:31)

What recommendations does Katrina have relating to using professional help in dealing with adversity? (39:17)

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