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Episode 357: Introduction to IPS – Andrew Funderburg

Are you overwhelmed at the idea of learning IPS?

In episode 357 of the Bokeh Podcast, Andrew Funderburg of Fundy Designer joins us to share how when you simplify the process for your clients by offering limited products, print sales can play a huge role in your business’s growth plan! Bonus: Andrew also shares helpful recommendations for getting through this slow season due to COVID-19.

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Working on Your Business During COVID-19:

1. Set yourself up financially for success.
Think of how you’ll survive if you have no income for 6 months:
Look at how you can reduce or skip payments temporarily.
Review all of you financial assets.

2. Create a plan and strategy for the next 3 months.
– How can I generate extra revenue?
– How can I just costs in my business?
– How can I reconnect with vendors during this time to stay top of mind?
Tip: Create multiple strategies based on different scenarios for time.
Bonus Tip:
How are you going to set yourself up for success compared to your competitors in your market? Idea: Design dual-sided cards for your vendors; one side for you and the other for the vendor.

3. Keep yourself busy by using your newfound free time to do something different. (17:05)
– Top down photoshoots for your albums
– Design wall-art mockups in Fundy.
– Design save-the-dates for your engaged couples.
– Design studio magazine.
– Review your pricing and packaging.

Planning Your Products:
1. Choose an album
2. Choose 2 types of wall art.
3. Choose cards your clients may want.

Steps to Approaching IPS: (38:06)
1. Predesign your album.
2. Set up an appointment (in person or zoom).
3. Set up a slideshow, starting with 10 favorite images, then products.

Meditation Apps: Headspace or Waking Up
Street Photography Book – bit.ly/bp-funderburg-sp
Album Design Book – bit.ly/bp-funderburg-albums