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Episode 592: The Key Component to Selling Bigger Albums – Michael Davis

“That’s a really good question. It’s storytelling. I see many photographers flood albums with just images, but I’m not selling the images. I’m selling the story. As a storyteller, I focus on their story during consultations and then reveal it in their albums. Every page and spread has a purpose. Once my clients fall in with the flow of their story then oftentimes they just say yes with no changes. It’s me being very intentional throughout the entire process.” – MD

It’s easy to simply throw a bunch of pictures into an album to increase the page count, but is that really the most effective way to sell a bigger album? Photographer Michael Davis doesn’t think so! Listen in as he shares his alternative approach!

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Show Notes:

Michael’s Introduction (4:04)

Why do photographers focus on including many images in the album rather than focusing on telling a story? (9:37)

What are the primary drawbacks to focusing on image count vs storytelling? (12:30)
1. Picture vomit (too many images on a page)
2. No flow of moments from the day
3. Details are missed in the story of the day

What steps does Michael take to plan for albums? (17:25)
1. Learn and understand the couple’s story
2. Shoot with intention
3. Be the authority on which images should be chosen for the gallery
4. Intentionality when building the album design
5. IPS session – the big reveal

How does Michael approach the conversation with couples in order to truly learn their story? (25:17)

The breakdown of Michael’s IPS session (39:57)