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Episode 591: How to Sell More Wall Prints – Luci Dumas

It’s so easy to get caught up in just booking clients in order to photograph their portrait sessions or events…and not even think about how to proactively sell prints for additional revenue! Listen in to this conversation with photographer Luci Dumas to learn how to increase your cash flow with large print sales!

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Show Notes:

Discussion on the current state of print competitions within the industry (1:50)

Luci’s introduction (16:20)

What is behind Luci’s passion for selling prints? (19:25)

What behaviors or thought processes are limiting photographers from selling more wall prints? (30:21)
1. Fear of selling
2. Lack of sales skills
3. Fear of feedback

What steps can photographers take to more effectively sell prints? (38:38)
1. Establish yourself as a trusted advisor with clients
2. Plant seeds for future print sales
3. In-person consultation to reveal potential prints
4. Keep images in mind for specific recommendations
5. Project images onto the wall for a real-life view/experience