Episode 590: How to Photograph a First Look – Sean Oblizalo

The first look at a wedding can be some of the most intimate, beautiful images you have the opportunity to capture! And yet all the pressure and variables can make capturing those few moments a bit overwhelming! Listen in to this episode with Sean Oblizalo to learn the 4 elements of successful, stunning first-look photos!

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Show Notes:

Sean’s Introduction (1:40)

4 Elements of planning for a great first look (9:23)
1. Choosing a location
2. Timing
3. Posing/Positioning
4. Preparing the reaction

What is the main idea behind choosing a location for a first look? (9:50)
1. Find a location that is different than where the ceremony/majority of images will be taken

What are the 2 big ideas behind timing when photographing the first look? (14:50)
1. Include a cushion of extra time in your timeline for a first look to avoid rushing
2. Vet the couples’ timing needs

How to plan ahead with positioning (23:00)
1. Have your subjects offset instead of in line with where you’re standing
2. Demonstrate the approach

How to prepare your clients for the reaction (28:10)

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