Episode 589: How to Use Automation to Build a Successful Business – Charlotte Isaac

We have so many moving parts to keep up with in our photography businesses, and it can become extremely overwhelming! Listen in to this conversation with workflow specialist, Charlotte Isaac, as she shares how to utilize automation to relieve stress, make work easier, and enable you to build a more successful business!

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Show Notes:

Charlotte’s Introduction (3:05)

Charlotte’s definition of automation (5:25)

How automation can be used for lead generation (9:18)
1. Respond to inquiries
2. Utilize a services guide
3. Use a scheduler to allow clients to schedule a call
4. Follow up with leads

How can photographers use automation without sounding like a robot: (17:22)

Using automation for the onboarding process (22:13)
1. Proposals
2. Contracts
3. Invoices
4. Welcome communication/confirmation email
5. Sharing FAQs/managing expectations

What is the “off-boarding process”? (30:45)

Automating the Off-boarding process (31:10)
1. Thank you email to manage expectations (timelines, etc.)
2. Request a review
3. Long-term check-in to stay top of mind

*Free resource for getting started with automation: