Episode 588: Key Principles for Hiring Great Second Shooters – Nathan Desch

It can be so tough to find the right second shooter or photo assistant to represent our brand well! Listen in to the conversation with photographer Nathan Desch today to learn a smarter, more effective approach to connecting with the right people!

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Show Notes:

Nathan’s introduction (1:30)

What are the biggest challenges that photographers face when hiring second shooters (2:54)

What common mistakes do photographers make when hiring a second shooter? (7:14)

What key principles should photographers keep in mind when hiring second shooters? (12:02)
1. Find a photographer whose style is in alignment with yours
2. Explore the photographer as an individual to learn about their personality
3. Read reviews for potential second shooters

How does Shoot With Me apply these key principles when hiring a second shooter? (18:42)

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