Episode 587: The $13k Brand Mini-Session Day – Meg McMillan

How would you like to pull in 5-figures from one day of mini sessions?! Photographer Meg McMillan is here to walk us through marketing, executing, and profiting on an extreme level from just one day of brand mini sessions. You don’t want to miss this!

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Show Notes:

Meg’s Introduction (2:19)

How did Meg get into the mini-session world? (6:02)

Meg’s first brand mini-session day (9:50)

5 components for marketing a brand mini-session day (13:20)
1. Leverage social media
2. Utilize email lists, and communicate the discount the mini-session provides
3. Provide a giveaway for past client testimonials
4. Encourage referrals by providing a free add-on
5. Explain why having brand photos is important to your clients

4 phases of the brand mini-session workflow (26:02)
1. The booking phase – leverage automation
2. The planning phase
3. The photoshoot day
4. Post-production phase

How to have a profitable mini-session day (40:20)
1. Start small to learn and fine-tune the process
2. Keep costs to 20-30%
3. Set boundaries and stick to them – don’t over-give  (time, number of images, etc.)
4. Capture a variety of images
5. Set pricing based on your needs – stop asking other photographers how much to charge