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Episode 569: Business Consultation – Mia Admire

If you’ve been looking for practical steps on how to improve your website for better conversion, we’ve got all of that for you..and more!

Tune in to listen in to episode 569 where host, Nathan Holritz is joined by Mia Admire. Together, they walk through Mia’s website and social media feed, create a series of steps that can be implemented right away,  and a plan to drive traffic and convert visitors into clients!

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Show Notes

6 Steps to Improving Your Website for Better Conversion
1. Don’t put too much emphasis on certifications/awards (8:59)
2. Establish and communicate a clear brand position (11:56)
3. Choose a simple website design (29:03)
4. SEO (41:14)
5. Clean up social media feeds to showcase what you want to shoot (45:19)
6. Get out and connect with your target clientele (49:17)

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