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Episode 350: Brand Position Consultation – Rachel Howard

Over the last year at Bokeh Podcast, we have spent so much time reviewing brand positions, that we thought it was time to offer live brand consultations!

In this special series, we’ll be exploring how to develop brand positions based on principles derived from Donald Miller’s book, Building a Storybrand.

In episode 350 of the Bokeh Podcast, Nathan chats with Rachel Howard, a photographer in north Alabama, to discuss her existing brand position and potential options to better serve her clients. Listen in to hear Nathan’s recommendations on she can best convey who she serves to potential clients on her website.

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Show Notes

Benefits of Brand Position
A. Enables Potential Clients to Immediately Know Your UVP
B. Filters Irrelevant Potential Clients
C. Simplifies/Focuses Marketing Efforts
D. Encourages Better Time Management

Located in: North Alabama (4:19)

Specializes in: Wedding & Couples (4:39)

UVP: Small town local who know everyone.

Why Rachel Got Started: (11:47)
1. Serve a purpose
2. Operate her own calendar
3. Financial Independence

Researching Rachel’s Competition (17:42)

Nathan’s Recommendations:
1. Take advantage of the lack of competition in your local market and focus on SEO for your local area.
2. Connect with your potential clients as a photographer, not a nurse, by taking nurse off your homepage.

New Brand Position: Photographing the raw beauty of weddings in North Alabama.

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