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Episode 243: SEO in 2019: The Good, the Bad, and the Necessary – Karen Julia

Have you optimized your website content to help you rank on Google?

In episode 243 of the Bokeh Podcast, Karen Julia discusses what you need to know about SEO in 2019. Listen in as she shares the five biggest mistakes that photographers are making in their SEO efforts, and how to avoid them!

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Show Notes

Technique for Time: Schedule everything in your calendar in time-slots. (01:58)

“If you don’t have 10 minutes a day to meditate, then you need to make some significant changes.” – Tim Ferris (00:07:22)

Book Recommendation: Start With Why – Simon Sinek – bit.ly/bp-startwithwhy (00:08:09)

Advice for Photographers: Your focus should be on systems rather than your kit. (00:11:10)

Brand Position: A boutique, personalized SEO experience for photographers. (00:15:47)

Hummingbird – A Google Algorithm Natural Language Processor that crawls the content of a site for topical relevance. (00:30:46)

Google Search Console – Google’s way of communicating if your site has penalties. (00:35:34)

Example of Penalties for Google Search:
1. Creating content that is similar to keywords targeted throughout your site without a lot of text. Having too many low quality pages can hurt your search ranking. (00:36:32)
2. Not having a mobile friendly website with a fast load time. (00:37:54)

Recommended Load Time for Mobile Site: Less than 2 seconds. (00:39:41)

Load Speed Time Tool: GTMetrix.com (00:40:00)

Utilize the Algorithm Technology: Talk about the types of weddings you’d like to shoot, including details. (00:42:44)

Quality Over Quantity: Writing short 2-300 words articles doesn’t cut it anymore. (00:43:27)

Mistakes Made In SEO: (00:44:08)
1. Putting too much priority in the homepage. At least 75% of your search traffic should come from blog posts. (00:44:42)
2. Creating content that doesn’t match what people are searching. Use Google Trends to find what people are searching for, then mix in what you want to talk about with what a user wants to know. (00:49:57)
3. Waiting to blog about a wedding until after the wedding. If you go ahead and start blogging about a venue/wedding, after it is booked, you can drop the images in the post after the wedding and by then it has had time to gain traction with Google. (00:53:08)
4. Including dates or names in your title or url. This causes you to rank for those as keywords rather than the primary topic. (1:00:00)
5. Hoarding old blog posts. Prune your website of old, irrelevant content. (01:03:27)

Everything on your site should be within 3 clicks of the homepage. (01:04:08)

Karen’s Recommended Post Count: 100-120 posts (01:06:23)

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