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Episode 244: Personal Projects for Minimizing Burnout – Kelly Berry

Are you looking for ways to avoid burnout during your busy seasons?

In episode 244 of the Bokeh Podcast, Kelly Berry shares how incorporating personal projects into your workload can help combat burnout and fuel your passion for photography.

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Show Notes

Technique for Time: Getting up early to focus better. (2:06)

Staying Centered: This can be different for everyone, but for Kelly, riding horses and spending time outdoors. But also, just be inspired by what your clients are doing and saying. (07:05)

Book Recommendations: Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert – bit.ly/bp-bigmagic (11:45)

Advice for Photographers: Connect with as many creatives in your field as possible. (15:46)

Brand Position: Fine art photographer capturing editorial, engagements, and weddings.(18:36)

The Gear Bag: Canon 5D Mark III with ZEISS 50mm & Contax 645

Why Passion Projects? It fuels you and allows you to be creative without the pressure of work. (43:34)

Vero Workshops: A workshop that brings out the artist in you. (50:27)