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Episode 435: Up-Selling Without Being Salesy – McKenzie Bigliazzi

Sales aren’t your forte, huh? We get it! Like most photographers, your heart is probably in the craft of your work, not the sales process.

What if you could master the art of up-selling your services, without having to be salesy?

In episode 435 of the Bokeh Podcast, McKenzie Bigliazzi joins us to share about developing an intentional contact form, designing custom client guides, and utilizing a dynamic pricing system, all with the intent of up-selling (without being salesy).

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Show Notes

Brand Position: Help couples plan their Colorado weddings no matter where they are. (2:28)

Technique for Time: Time blocking (11:44)

Outsourcing/Delegating: Albums (13:28)

Book Recommendations:
So, You Want to Talk About Race
The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck by Mark Manson

Doubling Income in 9 Months (20:27)

Communicating Value to Clients (27:34)

Creating Custom Guides for Every Client (30:50)

Create a Killer Contact Form (37:28)

Dynamic Pricing (41:33)
1. Create base prices.
2. Find out their location, budget, size, photography, etc.
3. Estimate your expenses
4. Evaluate what your time is worth

Up-selling from the Base Package (53:41)