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Episode 434: How to Mix Strobe & Sunlight – Drae Brown

Combining light sources can lead to extremely powerful images, but the technique requires a level of comfort and experience for proper execution!

I recently saw Drae Brown post a few images on Facebook of a stunning portrait session where he combined flash and a gorgeous sunrise to highlight his model. The image was so well-lit that I knew I needed to bring him on the show to share how he managed to capture these images.

Listen in to episode 434 of the Bokeh Podcast as we get to know Drae, and hear his approach to mixing strobe and sunlight!

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Show Notes

Brand Position: Lighting, locations, and angles. (2:49)


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Client Experience: Be prepared for your clients. (11:00)

Finding What You Love (14:09)

Technique for Time (17:52)

Outsourcing/Delelgation (27:31)

Book Recommendation: (30:04)
Rich Dad, Poor Dad


The Process for Creating (36:08)
– Create a Mood Board
– Collaborate with the Client on Outfits & Ideas
– Location Search

Reviewing Image 1 (47:36)

Reviewing Image 2 (49:15)

Developing Off Camera Lighting Skills (33:18)

Setting the Mood with High Speed Sync (50:08)

Reviewing Image 3 (50:43)

Reviewing Image 4 (51:55)

Camera Settings for Mixed Lighting (54:20)

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