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Episode 433: Managing a Chronic Illness as an Entrepreneur – Emilie Steinmann

As entrepreneurs, we know that running a business can be tough, but what happens when your health is a factor in how you run that business?

In episode 433 of the Bokeh Podcast, Emilie Steinmann joins us to share her experience in running a successful business while managing a chronic illness. Listen in as she shares three key ideas that will enable you to grow your business no matter what obstacles you may have to overcome.

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Show Notes

Japan & Japanese Language (00:53)

Brand Position: The only brand agency for photographers and wedding professionals that provides copywriting, brand design, and web design with conversion in mind. (9:15)

Customer Experience: Gift giving is great, but outlined workflows and processes are better! (12:08)

Technique for Time: (15:24)
1. Accept that there are busy seasons and slow seasons.
2. Set boundaries for yourself and turn your computer off on weekends.

Book Recommendation: (24:06)
Anything by Brene Brown,
Fix this Next – Mike Mecolowitz
Simon Sinek


Challenges with Chronic Illness (26:45)

Developing Systems Within Business (32:47)

Big Ideas to Help Accomplish What You Want (41:25)
Self Compassion
Community Support

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